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While some of the conversations focussed on face masks and crushes, the most popular board by far was about masturbation.Women swapped tips, told anecdotes about getting caught, and advised each other about what really doesn’t work.When I discovered the ability to make myself orgasm I, like many girls before me, thought I’d done something deeply dark and possibly sinful. But the best part of the site was the message boards.They were totally anonymous, and were home to hundreds of girls who would post questions and give each other advice.

If you don’t become turned on by pornographic images on the Internet, you won’t become a cybersex addict.

You won’t believe what some women have used to get off. Especially when it has a natural phallic shape to it.

Many women see a nice cucumber or carrot and immediately start to think of the pleasure she can give herself. Sometimes a woman finds this manmade device in #7 calling her name. The bulky block of a communication device had a lot of features for its time.

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice bottle of wine.

After a few glasses, some women tend to get a little horny and need some action.