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Click here to find the TV station in your area and other ways to find out if you're a winner. The cost of the “Play It Again” ticket is the same as your original ticket.

For your convenience, the Play It Again feature allows you to purchase an exact duplicate of a ticket you purchased within the last 30 days.

A Squeel keypath is essentially a more concise and readable alternative to a deeply nested hash.

And if we don't like the way that the existing predications read, we can create our own aliases in a Squeel configure block: to any predicate method, and it would do what you expect, when given an array of possibilities to compare against.

Sifters are like little snippets of conditions that take parameters.

The Bonus number is not used for the lower prize level payouts.

Research Gate makes it easy for you to add your publications as well as your unpublished work to your profile.