Dating rich men in nigeria

CAROLINE DANJUMA & MUSA DANJUMAThey are said to be heads over heels in love despite their massive age gap and have already three kids together as a couple.

Musa Danjuma is the younger brother of General TY Danjuma (rtd) and Caroline is a former actress.

They have pride, they have class, they are unafraid to speak up whenever the occasion arises, and they are very educated. Provosts, and Department Chairs on many American and Canadian colleges and universities.

Nigerian men have distinguished themselves in academia, they are well travelled , they are contributing members of communities as successful teachers, physicians, business owners, realtors, engineers and lawyers in the U S and many land. In fact, one US college once had a Nigerian college president American women who date our Nigerian men find them to be socially adaptable, generous and full of life.

I'm suzzie, I love being to places I've neva been before, I'm an easy going babe, a working class girl, I love chating n making new frnds, I want a serious minded fellow who is ready 2 settle down I am 5inches tall, I love I am a Christian and looking for good Christian friends only. I like going for a walk, and living healthy lifestyle.

The story of this lady is unique and quite shocking. At the time she joined one peculiar website, she had financial struggles, but in just a few years a sugar daddy gave her 2 million dollars! This site offers rich men to date hottest women if they pay them for each outing. Men just pay to find awesome looking girls to go out with them and have fun. She got rather popular on the site, and eventually her price rose up to 5 000 dollars! Men pay for your things, food and give you money for just hanging out with them.

Why are many Nigerian households broken up by divorces or end up with death of one spouse or both? You left Nigeria when you were in your early or middle thirties, had no real girlfriend, and indecisive about marriage.

This paper discusses 5 mistakes the Nigerian men seeking wives or are married make that are the proximal causes of the tragic end of their marriages. Now, at 45 years, you suddenly decide to marry, and you want a girl half your age.

There is an adage that says if you come from a poor family background it is not your fault but if you choose to marry a poor man, you are totally to blame.

With all this and many more said about these men, why then are our Nigerian men's marriages plagued with acrimony, bitterness, hostility, bad blood, and rancor?

Why do police serve restraining orders in record numbers on Nigerian husbands who are given the option to leave the home voluntarily or be sent to jail? Mistake 1: YOU WAITED TOO LATE TO MARRYYou are forty-five-year-old, have been in the United States for 10 years or longer, and obtained your Green Card after getting out of a "green-card marriage" with a American lady with whom you have expended money, time and exuberant energy getting to know while you were in the process of growing up in your new country.

I have chosen to leak these secrets because if I don’t take care of my single female friends, who else will?

My dear young lady do you want to get married to a rich man? You know that getting married to the love of your life only happens in the movies.