Dating simplicity vintage patterns

Scroll down further to see vintage Aunt Martha, Vogart, Superior other embroidery transfer patterns and full color hot iron transfers. Each one is complete, any portion cut off in the images is due to cropping.

Last, but not least, are Candlewicking Patterns and Huck Weaving Patterns. DOTW Hillbillies Transfers: DOTW transfers feature hillbilly couple on Clean Day, Wash Day, Iron Day, Sew Day, Bake Day, Market Day, &Meetin' Day.

Franciscan developed and marketed numerous patterns of dinnerware and artware. Franciscan used the hacienda shape and hand brushed large fruit on the - Earthenware.

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Brady founded the Fostoria Glass Company in Fostoria, Ohio.

No matter what political opinions they or their husbands held, I think of them as an integral part of my country’s history, and a representation of what fashion was doing at the time they lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Naturally this year I was rather curious to see what the incoming First Lady would choose for her inauguration attire, since she was a former model and is given to wearing rather expensive outfits!

😉 While I didn’t like her inaugural ballgown at ALL, I thought her Ralph Lauren powder blue dress and matching bolero were STUNNING.

With the almost 1960s French twist in her hair, and those long, elegant gloves, she looked effortlessly classic and chic.