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We also added amazing new effects for you to get creative on: Create professional-looking live streams adding up to 12 different video, audio and image sources.

Mixing up live video with secondary footage and other sources of media allows you to deliver a well-rounded and effective message.

So, that means your computer needs to be equipped with a microphone and a screen capture software. That means there may be other small requirements as well.

But in general, a computer equipped with a microphone and a screen capture program, and of course fast internet connection should be sufficient enough for most projects.

On the top of the control panel, click the View Menu button and select the Full Screen option.

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On top of that, many of these tools are available for FREE online as alternatives to paid options such as Although this list is not ranked by order, it seems only fitting that the biggest name on the internet have the top spot on our list.

Before you get too excited, let me clarify that site testing job is a form of micro jobs i.e.

it pays little in exchange for your online assignment.

You can contact our local partners as well, they are ready to help.

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