Gravatar image not updating

Setting up Gravatars on your site is easy; you don't even need an account!Plugins are available for leading blog software and content management systems, and our tutorials will have you running Gravatars in no time.See below for info about Gravatar (courtesy of Wikipedia).From Wikipedia: Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally unique avatars which was created by Tom Preston-Werner...Hey @kshitij760 :slightly_smiling:, Your Cloud9 avatar is managed via your email from

If you use an already shared URL with this tool then Facebook fetches the latest content, and also updates it cache with the latest content. Every manager controls the workforce s/he is responsible for: by definition management includes directing and controlling a workforce (for more on management see: Defining Management).Then there is the project ‘controls discipline’, which I’m trying to define.But Facebook caches already shared urls/pages for better performance.This causes issues at time when we update the title, picture being shared or the description of the page because Facebook still shows the older version of the page.