Net validating x509 certificates

Finally, it is customary, in protocols where a party can show a certificate, to actually show a message.

All this gives a lot of ways for a computer to do certification path building, i.e.

That is, it must chain to a trusted root certificate authority. The property is set to one of the X509Certificate Validation Mode values.

No online check is performed to see whether the certificate has been revoked. Revocation checking is performed according to the values of the Revocation Mode property value of the X509Service Certificate Authentication class.

The options for the search are defined by the X509Find Type enumerator.

In the above sample the certificates are looked up by name.

ssl=true Server Certification Validation Callback ------------------------------------- Server Certificate Info ----------------------- Publickey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ert Hash=2F01DA0F320FA7CC87142CD4B6C48BC966804A52 Got Ssl Policy Error: Remote Certificate Name Mismatch is Valid = True Databases --------- foo local test Press $ps -ef | grep mongod 502 81686 1 0 AM ??

NET's X509Certificate class and when viewing a certificate in Windows).

I've found that even though it is not always displayed, it is still inside the certificate.

To perform this validation in our application code, we need to implement a Server Certificate Validation Callback method and stick that into the Ssl Settings for our Mongo Client.

(Note: this example was done using Mono 4.2.1 on OSX) Before getting to the code, let's first examine how we're running Mongo DB. Self-signed X.509 v3 Certificate Serial Number: 600163916B3906C600 Issuer Name: C=US, S=New York, L=Wilton, O=Internet Widgits Pty Ltd, CN=Mac Book-Pro.local Subject Name: C=US, S=New York, L=Wilton, O=Internet Widgits Pty Ltd, CN=Mac Book-Pro.local Valid From: 8/31/2016 PM Valid Until: 8/31/2017 PM Unique Hash: 7123F2BBF0E298B3CD44F8567DCC175155DEE50A31B1DA93473BCCA8024D66B0 The complete sample Hello has couple of informational methods to dump out what's in the various Windows certificate stores as well as additional information about the server certificate which gets presented to our application.