Physical therapist dating patient

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I do not think physical therapist dating former patient there is anything in the Statues about problems dating former patients. I dated a patient but it was after 6 months, as we were just friends and we did meet through the consultation.

I asked Shari Hughes how she would explain this issue. Maybe there is something in her history, unconnected to the ball game that led to the problem.

I think friendship with a patient is a possibility. You missed it because you cah offering advice outside your usual clinic setting.

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I looked over at her and asked how many times in a session was common for the manipulation she did and she told me 2 or 3 times.

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Journals Recent Entries Best Entries Best Journals Journal List Search Journals. Is there any way at all for me to have a chance with my physical therapist?

I'm sure there is a code of ethics that prevents dating patients and I think most PTs would probably be hesitant to flirt if they were interested out of fear of getting sued or getting in trouble by a superior.

Anyway, I'm being treated for a weight lifting injury and there is an intern that is basically my physical therapist dating patient just graduated college who is very attractive.