Putting women on a pedestal dating

All popular fairy tales have the prince, through his valiant efforts, living happily after ever with a princess who is typically described as ‘the most beautiful woman in the land’ – the ultimate prize.

The popular film “40 Year-Old Virgin” discusses this tendency to put women on a pedestal…

This way of placing her as more of a peer is actually the opposite of “putting her on a pedestal”.

You have to remember that female “logic” is often backwards, &, because they have so much power in society, they often inculcate backward meaning.

I found this article on The Player’s site and could relate to it well and thought it was worth reposting here.

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You’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that a hot girl doesn’t have the most value (there are hot girls everywhere).although they use a bit more colorful language to do so.Because of our cultural conditioning, taking a woman off of that pedestal can be easier said than done, however the “how to” can be broken down into two steps: 1. Aside from the fact that there’s easily a million beautiful women in the world and not as many confident men, the other factor that shows how fictional her pedestal is is the fact that it’s temporary. She may be at the top of the mountain looks-wise for now, but it won’t be more than ten years before her looks fall back to the median and she’s replaced by the never-ending waves of young girls who are popping up to take her place.You approached her and all went well, you got some positive signs and closed with her number, maybe you even set up a date with her.You come home that night and absolutley cannot stop thinking about her, and thinking about all the things she did, ging over her actions in your mind trying to decide whether she likes you or not.