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These versions replace--not upgrade--pre-installed i Apps with bundles which tie them to a combination of your Apple ID and your computer's hardware ID.

If such isn't the case, contact Apple Support for Mac Apps, and explain your situation. I logged out of i Tunes account - I then moved IMovie to the Trash and emptied trash.

Included with the latest version of i Movie is the i Movie Theatre, a new service that allows you to view all of the movies, trailers and clips you create in i Movie on any of your devices linked to Apple’s i Cloud service. If you have an i Cloud account, movies sent to the i Movie Theatre will automatically appear on all of your i Cloud-connected devices, including other computers, i OS devices like the i Phone, i Pad and the Apple TV. First you need to ensure that you are connected to i Cloud 2. Sign into i Cloud if you’re not already and select Documents & Data 4. Be aware that movies, trailers and clips uploaded to i Cloud can’t be longer than 15 minutes. It costs £2.99 or is a free update if you already own the original i OS app. Once you have edited your i Movie tap the video clip or project you want to share. If you run out of space in i Cloud, Apple will alert you via an icon that appears in the top-right corner of the movie indicating you can’t upload new movies.

i Cloud makes it possible to access content that you have stored on servers in Apple's 'cloud'. Click the Options button next to Documents & Data 5. You automatically get 5GB of i Cloud storage for free.

Nearly three years on Apple hasn't updated its home movie making software for Mac, beyond minor updates.

The software is now at version 9.0.9, and judging from comments on the Mac App Store it's advisable not to install the latest update as people are complaining that the i Movie update is causing the app to crash.

Social networking was already popular in 2010, but creating and sharing video has become easier than ever in the intervening years - even my 70-year old dad has uploaded video to You Tube.

It came with my Mac Book Pro when I bought it in 2011.

When it launched in October 2010 was part of the £45 i Life '11 package, i Movie '11 then became available to purchase separately on the Mac App Store in January 2011 with a price of £10.49.

Then at WWDC in June 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a new i OS-native version of i Movie that supports many of the basic features of the Mac version of the software.

If you need more, you’ll need to consider purchasing additional storage space.

It is £14 a year for 15GB, £28 a year for 25GB or £70 a year for 55GB.