W550 died while updating Arov xxx

i also tried to use google hangouts with the same effect.hey i bought this w550i as i said erlier..do i update it? [addsig] Restart the PC and download USB Flash from it. I've tried to use the 'windows 8 recovery media for windows 8 products 64-bit' disk to boot with but none of the options I've tried seem to work.With one of the options I think it said that the required drive was locked or something like that or when I wanted to install windows 8 again, the hard drive didn't come up for me to install it on. the phone started by itself and went to file transfer mode, there was no effect on the update service screen... PS:i've install the PC suite is there any possible way for me to use my computer's wireless internet connection to get my w550i get connected to the net? i have a bt and usb cable..GPRS..i wanna use my computer's connection..way? sorry for putting alot of pics..friend said that the camera software should be 5..now is 4.6 i think..it true? put back battery 3.pressed C and plugged the port 4. I DID IT a few shots of my updated phone...^_^ while it was updating after updating it...The new accessory from Mercedes-Benz Accessories Gmb H makes using the phone while in the car even safer and more convenient.The biggest advantage is that the handheld or mobile phone can be left in your jacket pocket or handbag.

Also just check if the program has the option to unlochk the drive before you do anything else.Here are some more info from Mercedes and the bluetooth module.By popular request, Mercedes-Benz Accessories Gmb H is extending its range of communication accessories to include a further Bluetooth telephony solution: the new Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (HFP) telephone module allows you to use your Black Berry® in a Mercedes-Benz passenger car without physically connecting it to the vehicle.The Bosniak classification is a time-proven method for the imaging classification and management of these lesions.Knowledge of the pathognomonic features of certain benign Bosniak 2F/3 lesions is important to avoid surgery on these lesions (e.g., localized cystic disease, renal abscess).

W550 died while updating